BPG Entertainment created a new Musical Theme Trivia Event for those who love to organize trivia fundraisers. This type of trivia requires participation by all contestants to listen to a song in order to answer the questions. Categories to chose from include:


The cost for this event will cover musical topics, sound equipment and your emcee Big Papa G. (You will have to provide staffing to add up scores and pick up sheets from all tables.) Call today to book! (618) 334-5233

"It's not about the questions...it's about the music."


  • “Finish the Lyrics”

  • “One Word Artist”
  • “TV Theme Songs”
  • “Music in Movies”
  • “Musical Mug Shots”
  • “Best Trios”
  • “Best Collaborations”
  • "Boy Bands"
  • "Bands / Groups with Numbers "
  • "Bands / Groups with Color"
  • "Famous Cartoon's" 
  • " Cheesiest 90's Music"


Includes Sound, Emcee and Categories

Starts at


Big Papa G is bringing

Musical Trivia

to you!

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